Gold Necklace

This week decided to buy a “style your own” necklace. In advanced to deciding what I would write I thought about it. I was inspired by Vivienne Westwood’s shock tactic and celebrity gangster culture to write an offensive and obscene message. Male rappers often use women as sexual objects in their music videos such as […]

Instamatic Cameras

Photography is an ever growing popular hobby today, with the launch of instargram, Urban outfitters selling Lomography cameras and film and even a new instamatic camera from Fuji taking the stage. When I was little I remember having my photograph taking on a Polaroid camera, I was amazed that I could slowly see an image […]


Monki Television All time favorite blogger Susie Bubble has done styling videos with Monki Television. I miss her travels around London but look forward to visiting these destinations in the future. I’m sorry to say that Monki haven’t recently done any styling video’s and I’m still waiting on them. Also Monki stopped posting their FREE […]