Kate Moss for Topshop!



Barbie keyring


This cute keychain was £3 from eBay, I love this retro barbie design. It reminds me of the nighties when I was just a little girl. I also a a cup I a similar design, the collect was made by a company called “half moon bay”. It’s totally unique and retro.


Pull off the Barbie look with style


With the perches of my last rimmel London coral nail polish which has now finished. I thought I would buy another, I brought a different shade this time “instyle coral”. Pastel colours are the current trend amount
nail colour.

The packaging states that only 1 coat of paint is needed but I find that I need 2 as the first is a little transparent. It’s also says that it only takes 1 second to apply which is also a lie. I’ve found that most of rimmel London nail varnishes have the same problem with transparency especially with the black nail colour.

I would never pay more than £5 for a nail varnish and expect to find a few flaws with the nail polish. It’s not perfect but does the job.

I decided to mix my new nail colour with a black and white feature nail design to match an outfit I put together. I loved the result, it reminded me of the vintage barbie.
I love this simple look and feel I pulled if the barbie look without looking fake, plastic or I was trying too hard.



Are they designer?

I went to Aldo today and brought an amazing pair of shoes. The pointed toe reminds me of Lanvin while the gold crystal leopard makes me think of Alexander McQueen.
While they have the expensive design features they come in at £45, of course their not in everyone’s price range but it’s definitely worth saving up for.
These shoes look like there worth £300 but are a fraction of the price, they are dazzling in the sunshine and will get your feet noticed.



Gold Necklace

This week decided to buy a “style your own” necklace. In advanced to deciding what I would write I thought about it. I was inspired by Vivienne Westwood’s shock tactic and celebrity gangster culture to write an offensive and obscene message.
Male rappers often use women as sexual objects in their music videos such as Robin Thickes “Blurred Lines”, which recently went to number 1.
I feel as though its a bit of a cliche now, it’s times to switch rolls!


Vintage charm bracelet

I brought this charm bracelet off eBay collecting the charms separately. I don’t like vintage clothes very much and would only choose a few select items but I love vintage jewellery. The actual bracelet with no charms cost as little as £20 and some of the charms were under £5, not all of them were but they were all under £10 each, bargain! The charm bracelet is real silver too, I love the detailed charms and much prefer the designs over a more expensive Pandora bracelet.


Headphones necklace

On my recent shopping trip I brought this Tatty Devine style necklace with real crystals in Primark for only £1.
I’ve found my self shopping in there more recently, there clothing have become more stylish and on trend. It’s probably a fashionista sin to shop there but I don’t exactly have £20-£40 to be spending on costume jewellery. How does everyone else feel about primark?