Free Photo Editing Apps

Edited with Rakuga-cute and MonkiMi

Edited with Rakuga-cute and MonkiMi

Since buying myself an ipod touch I’ve loved playing about with the cameras and photo editing apps, they’re fun, fast and fantastic. I’ve always enjoyed taking photos and photoshopping them to perfection but it’s a time consuming process. I found that good photo editing apps are hard to come by, especially free ones. With many like CamWow plastering their tasteless logo onto your snaps, I raided the app store in search of the best free photo editing apps.

MonkiMi is an app created by the youthful clothing store Monki (owned by H&M), It is the only app listened that is completely free of charge with no costly add ons. Simply take a photograph or upload, then watch the magic happen as your eyes enlarge for a super, freaky, cute look. You can also customise your photo with a wide range of frames, stamps, phases and digital makeup. There is even a blur type tool to soften the complexion of your skin, making it look almost perfect. This app is aimed at the fashion savvy, with a range of trendy accessories including hats and jewellery.

Another favourite of mine is Snoopify, set up by the rapper Snoop Dog himself, this app will leave you feeling graciously gangster. Since downloading the app last year he has introduced more free stamps, my personal favourite being the huge cigarette (wait, that’s no cigarette). A few of my personal favourites include a snapback, huge spliff, wedges of cash and a “puff,puff,pass” phrase.

Google’s Snapseed is a slightly more advanced editor; although not my favourite. There is a wide range of filters and frames, it allows you to adjust the saturation, brightness and contrast. You can add analogue effects such as light leaks and scratches. The app also provides other basic tools such as cropping and correcting red eye. Although the application has a vast amount of effects, I think most of the filters tend to make photographs look a little kitsch, tasteless and very amateur in comparison to other apps I have used.

As a lover of Photoshop I was excited to find out they were making their app Photoshop express free, since downloading it last year they haven’t updated it much. My favourite feature on this app is probably the filters, many of them have a very natural look. Other useful features on the app include cropping, sharpen, contrast, clarity, red eye correction and many more. I was very impressed with this app, I felt it gave the most professional results than any other editor I have used before, It was very easy to use and is practically idiot proof.

Rakuga-cute is an amazing app, although Japanese the app is in English, with a wide range of stamps, roll stamps and frames to choose from, you can be sure to make your photos look super kawaii. The app allows you to create colleges too, with existing photographs; which is very unusual for a free app. You can also use monochrome filter; I was intrigued by this feature and never would have expected a it to be free. This app really does give you the flexibility to be as creative as you can, without breaking the bank. You also have the choice to take things alittle feather with buying a few extras from there store.

Edited only using MonkiMi

Edited only using MonkiMi

College created with Rakuga-cute

College created with Rakuga-cute


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