L’oreal Miss Manga Mascara

Using Pink and Lilac eye shadows blended with Turquoise Mascara!

Using Pink and Lilac eye shadows blended with Turquoise Mascara!

Manga Eyes Leaflet

Miss Manga Eyes Leaflet

I don’t usually wear make-up, maybe its something to do with 2014, new year, new me. On my most recent trip to Superdrug I went in look for a new black eyeliner, but thought I’d see what else was on display.

Recently stumbling across a review by beckii crul, now fashion blogger, I decided to check out the product myself. I’d seen many adverts for the product but wasn’t at all taken in until beckii reviled that the mascara came in both violet and blue. I’ve never heard of coloured mascara before, i haven’t even seen it in the corners of cyber dog, one of the most eccentric fashion stores I know.

But I recently brought a new mascara, I find most of them seem to be the same old product with a different packaging. I’ve have my fair share of silicone brushes or fine tooth combed ones but there isn’t a huge different in performance I find.

The mascaras came in the 3 different shades; I only decided to buy one which was the blue. Even though purple is my favourite colour beckii stated that it didn’t lengthen as much as the blue and black mascaras. I’ve also discovered to get the Japanese look the colours pink and blue are often used.

This product is really unusual but of course it’s not for everyone, some may find the blue mascara is far too eccentric for their liking but I think this products is a true reflection of Harajuku style, unique, quirky and cute.

Disappointingly I don’t think L’oreal advertised this product efficiently following asian clieces with their panda mascot with a badly designed body. It would have also been nice to seen an asain model maybe Kyary Pamyu Pamyu as we lack diversity in today advertising culture, not to forget this products inspiration is from Japan. I also found it stupid that they only used black mascara on their model, I’d seen a few advertisements on this product on social networking sites yet all of them failed to show or mentune the product came in 3 differnt colours which was the main marketing point for me.

I also picked up a leaflet in store, which was only in superdrug, the leaflet prompet you to buy the super liner blackbuster, miss manga mascara and glam shine balmy gloss to complete the Japanese look. I needed a new eyeliner and love my thick black panda eyes to so picked up the eyeliner too, the models eye that had the eyeliner on had a very similar amy winehouse appeal to them. As I looked again at the miss manag model, i noticed that she wasn’t wearing any eyeliner, I noticed this was another huge flaw in advierisemet.

Dispirte the bad marketing of the product, I really like it and it would apper that alot of other people do too, most of the coloured mascara had sold out in superdrug and I brought the last eyeliner. You do have to top it up with a couple of layers to get the full impact of the blue, of course you do this with all mascaras. I also have the feeling that the shade of blue may glow under UV because it ever so slightly illumoisnes. Which is brillent if youd wear it to a club. The product also has a 360’ wand which is suppost to give an even better performance, I didn’t realise this feature on the product until I visited the website, i don’t feel it effects the proformce or application of the product in anyway, not enharnceing it.

Turquoise Mascara


There is huge campege on the L’oreal website where they are running a completion, giving away free wallpapers and a free online photo app. I love my free customisation apps whether there online or to download, the app was pretty straight forward to use but I would advice using it on a computer.

I applied the mascara on only my bottom lashes and added pink eyeshadow in the crease around my eye and underneath in the couner, i covered the whole lid with a lilac eye shawdow. I also used a little blue on the inside couner of my eyes. After applying all the colours i blended it in, when finished i dapped on some more pink in the corners of my eyes without blending it to give a more vivid tone of pink. I also contured my eyes highlighting the inner courners of the eyes, brow bone and cheek bones with sliver eye shadow.

I finshed the look of by using the black mascara on the top lashes.

My colour of mascaras and eye shadow, are very similar to those used on the leaflet I picked up and that I picked up at yo sushi this month, I was very pleased with the out come of this look and I have never seen mascara only on the bottom lashes before which i thought worked surprisingly well.

Over all I would recommend this product, mainly for the colour factor and it’s clump free finish, I would advice going to superdrug to buy this product as they had it on offer where as in Boots it’s full price. I would advice experimenting with this product too as L’oreal haven’t given many examples of how to style this product , viewing other bloggers application too show all of them wearing the product alone. I hope my product review is inspiring and I plan to experiment more with makeup in the future as I was impressed with the outcome I achieved on this occasion.



Miss Manga

Image created using instamanga photobooth from L’oreal
and photoshop


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