Harajuku Girl Trend!


Trends don’t come along like they used to; London, New York, Milan, Paris fashions weeks, of course Charlotte Olympia proves they still do but the internet is forever taking fashion by stom. Most current trends can be predicted online though social network and blogs such as tumblr, we heart it and pintrest.

Last year it was the galaxy print trend, custom galaxy appeal and beauty laced youtube, even I caught on with my own shot at doing my nails and even customising skinny jeans later last year in my first youtube tutorial. This years trend is super kawaii as Japanese Harajuku style takes the world by strom. Japans biggest Musician, style Icon and fashion designer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, has gone global  via the internet and is inspiring young fashionista’s every where.

There is no language barrier as people world wide are enjoying her music and styling, girls every where are buying into this Japanese cult of anime and manga, with the recent come back of Pokemon as nerds are for ever growing to be forever popular. As we know it was uncool to be associated to be a nerd 10 years ago and now nerds are cute, everyone’s in love with geek chic.

I first took an interest in Japanese culture earlier last year, my brother recommended I listen to grimes, a Canadian musician with a love for Japanese pop culture. I was instantly taken in with her anime fashion inspired video and dreamy techno sounds. I later on discovered Kyary as I scoured the internet for more Japanese inspired music, I later learnt that alot of Kpop music video have matching dances.

I found this extremely exciting, most of western cultures using twerking and other provocative dancing where as in Japan the careful choreographed dances are modest and cute. One viral dance that was huge in Japan was the danjo dance made famous by Beckii Curl, she became famous in Japan from learning the dances. I first herd of beckii a few years backwhen I watched a docometry titles “beckii, 14 and super star”, she’s bagged herself a music career and has now started fashion blogging. Searching this dance on youtube many European girls are in hope of the same fate as beckii, to become a celebrity in Japan.

Unfortunately beckii can’t fluently speak Japanese which I believe has been a disadvantage in Japan, the language barrier has held her back. Her youtube channel is now based around fashion doing hauls hair and makeup, of course her audience isn’t as big as it used to be because dance has no language barriers but tutorials do. Meaning she’s lost a few followers tuning in because they can’t understand her.

This January I also visited a sushi bar for the first time, I went to Yo! Sushi, I was welcomed and explained that I could take anything from the conveyer belt or order something hot from the menu. I loved to food and try squid for the first time, it tasted like fried prawns. I also picked up a little leaflet which had an image of a geisha girl promoting there January blues offer and advertising there social networking sites.

Over the next year I will continue to explore this culture as I find it interesting and inspiring , I hope to write more posts about japan and Kpop too.



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