Pull off the Barbie look with style


With the perches of my last rimmel London coral nail polish which has now finished. I thought I would buy another, I brought a different shade this time “instyle coral”. Pastel colours are the current trend amount
nail colour.

The packaging states that only 1 coat of paint is needed but I find that I need 2 as the first is a little transparent. It’s also says that it only takes 1 second to apply which is also a lie. I’ve found that most of rimmel London nail varnishes have the same problem with transparency especially with the black nail colour.

I would never pay more than £5 for a nail varnish and expect to find a few flaws with the nail polish. It’s not perfect but does the job.

I decided to mix my new nail colour with a black and white feature nail design to match an outfit I put together. I loved the result, it reminded me of the vintage barbie.
I love this simple look and feel I pulled if the barbie look without looking fake, plastic or I was trying too hard.




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