Tattoo Fashion


Like clothing, tattoos come and go out of fashion, the trend among tattoo designs currently are

Dream catchers
Holy cross
Love hearts
Dandelion puffs
Lettering “phrases”

The current trend seems to be inspired by life events such as love, travel, dreams, wishes and hope.

These tattoos represent a level of spiritualty, while some celebrities glamourise atheism others express there spiritual beliefs through beautiful imagery.

Miley Cyrus is one celebrity who is supporting this trend with her dream catcher tattoo. They will probably rise in popularity over the coming months.

While these tattoos are wonderful creations I can’t help but wonder why someone would chose to get a tattoo that hundreds maybe thousands would share.

Many people claim to get a tattoo with a “real” meaning but let’s be realistic here, is this just an excuse to ink their skin without feeling too ” mainstream” or like there following a fad.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to understand people who google tattoo designs and have their skin inked.

I personally can see no point in getting a fashion tattoo that will go out of date. Do you remember those tribal tattoos everyone was getting in the early noughties.
They were cool at the time but every trend passes. Not only does this trend pass, others will be able to work out how old you are in the future.

However you can follow this trend but not permanently, by using tempuery tattoos. I brought a pack from boots for £5, these tattoos are bang on trend, not only that I have seen a few of the designs from the pack permanently tattooed on some peoples skin.

The tattoo packs are from a company called “skin art” they offer 3 particular packs of interest, “I’m a dreamer” which includes the famous bird silhouette tattoo and dandelion puffs. “Love is enough” featuring the statement loveheart and classic swallows. “In your own words” lettering which a can be used to make phases.

I invested in the “Love is enough” pack, I had quite a hard time deciding between this one and “I’m a dreamer”. I only wish some of the designs were bigger, but I do enjoy the small ones that can be used on the wrist, back of the neck or behind the ear.







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