Galaxy Nails

Apple Galaxy Wallpaper

Apple Galaxy Wallpaper

First it was galaxy nails, now galaxy print is all the rave. I’m not too sure where this trend sprung from but I have my suspicions, with the rise in popularity of Apple products one of the default wallpapers is a beautiful galaxy sence. Using the Apple Mac’s at college made me realise this, however I could be wrong but this is just a theory.

I tried out the galaxy nails myself adding my own touch of sparkle (nail gems), I used green gems because the room wasn’t light enough and I thought they we’re silver. I added one orange gem to my right hand to give the effect of the planet Jupiter, which you can see from earth (it has a slight ting of red to it). I would advice not to try and paint stars on because it might turn out a little messy, I did try this myself but it turned out to be a complete disaster. As the technique is quite messy it’s a good idea to use a cotton bud dipped in nail varish remover to tidy up after!


Galaxy Nails!

Galaxy Nails!

H&M Galaxy Print Jeans

H&M Galaxy Print Jeans


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