Cokezone & Style It Light


I’ve had my Cokezone account for a number of years, I wondered what all the fuss was about. I was delighted to find that I could get freebies sent to me but I didn’t see anything I really wanted on their website. However I still collected the points because I noticed that the prizes were quite alot of points.
My first purchase on there was a split lens (for a phone camera), second was a pair of cardboard speakers and this year I got some vintage Coca-Cola fridge magnets. It generally takes me a very long time to order my freebies off their website, due to me not drinking a huge amount of coke (and collecting points from friends).
Diet coke started the fashion campaigns back in 2007, when the first series of Ugly Betty kicked off they were the sponsors. They had a sweet fashionable puppet called Eleanor and later on they introduced two work pals with her (Berndette and Irene) they also changed the dolls hair from black to red. I downloaded four wallpapers featuring Eleanor from the Cokezone website for free, I loved them, the small doll in the big city!
I was excited when I heard they had released a “Style It Light” website with yahoo (the website is no longer joined with yahoo), unfortunately to my disappointment it was rubbish and still is (recently checking). The website is the style of a classic fashion blog but it fails (you can’t follow posts), there is also a lack of fashion reviews.
.The website mainly consists of posts of clothing and accessories slapped together, a sales guide which is merely a list of high street stores and which celebrity wore garments best (poll). The website is really just a slapdash of today’s online blogging format but without the content or apps. They do have guest bloggers on their website but only a few stories are eye catching. Most of them are about what the bloggers are wearing, which is usually very expensive clothing.
However I do think in the future Cokezone will employ a more talented blogger who would really bring fashion fans to the site with styling tips and a review of this season’s highstreet clothing.   


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